The Year I Became An Adult

According to a Facebook status my new year’s resolution last year was to drink less in 2014, I think that was written
during a horrendous hangover after a New Year’s Eve involving a lot of Rosé and several Tequilas.

But as one year comes to an end and we head into the start of the next, aside from obviously being an excuse for a party and consuming copious amounts of alcohol, it does become a time for reflection, to look back on the year and where it has taken you. Obviously in reality not much changes as the clock strikes midnight except the date, but I think looking back over the year helps you to prepare for the next and think about where you want this one to take you. When I looked back on 2014 I realised that in many way it had been a bloody big life changing year for me; a year I finally became a real grown-up adult.. kind of.

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