Ibiza in October 

Ibiza is fast becoming one of my favourite places. I love that it is laidback and chilled but that you can also party until the sun rises if you want to, as well. We took advantages of both sides when we visited a couple of years ago for my friend’s 30th birthday at the end of August. 

This year we were looking for somewhere to go on holiday in mid-October. We simply wanted to spend a week relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun. Although I was desperate to go to Bali, we couldn’t afford to go far and I wasn’t feeling very inspired by the destinations coming up on the list of top places to visit this month. View Post


Short Story: Shackles

I looked over at the water, sparkling invitingly in the heat of the midday sun. It was almost within touching distance, which made the frustration that I couldn’t even harder to bear. I was quickly bumped back to reality, quite literally, when I felt a child squeal with joy as him and his father climbed up into the seat that was tied to my back and sat down with a thump that, although no less painful, I had become used to over the past 30 years. 

A bullhook to the leg signalled we were off and I began to take the small steps that the chains around my legs would allow. I had lost count how many times I had walked this same route. This was the fifth time already today. 

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The Dog Walk

I have had a dog in my family for around 23 of my 30 years. But, since moving out more than four years ago – and not getting one of my own yet – I’ve realised how much I took having a furry four-legged companion for granted.

I miss coming home every day to her smiling face and wagging tail, having snuggles in front of the TV, the comfort she provides when I’m sad. But, I also miss taking her out for a walk.

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide

We were ahead of the trend last summer when we flew across the world to explore the country Lonely Planet has named its number one destination for 2019 – Sri Lanka.

After more than a year of saving and planning, we headed to Gatwick to board an 11-hour flight. After a 2 hour stopover in Dubai and the time moving forward 4.5 hours, we finally landed in Colombo, ready to discover everything this corner of Asia had to offer.

We created our own itinerary after watching YouTube videos and reading reviews, booking everything in advance to ensure we made the most of our three weeks circling the south of the country.

Our first night was spent in Negombo, then we made our way to Kegalle, followed by Kandy, Ella, Arugam Bay, Yala National Park, Tangalle, Mirissa, and finally, our last night was spent in Unawatuna.

Here’s what we got up to during our time in South Asia…

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Staffies named best breed but will this change opinions?

Staffordshire bull terriers were named the top breed out of 100 on Britain’s Top Dog 2019. After the two and a half hour countdown on ITV, Ben Fogle and Sara Cox announced the country’s new favourite breed had taken the top spot from Labradors, who moved down to third place.

Nobody needs to tell me Staffies are the best, I have one – so I already know this. However, for a breed that is often, wrongly, stereotyped as ‘aggressive’ and ‘dangerous,’ this is a huge step in the right direction.

But, does this mean people are changing their opinions and seeing them for the loving breed that they really are? View Post